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Sevilla in Motion: More than 12.000 photographs taken during months we chosen and used on this Time-Lapse project about the city of Seville. It was finished this April 2014. 4 minutes to take a peek at one of the most amazing cities of Spain and the world, #Seville. (by Grupo Filmo)


Kirsten Dunst filming the opening sequence of Marie Antoinette photographed by Brigitte Lacombe
My newfound obsession with Brigitte lacombe is real

Dustin with ballerinas—by Brigette Lacombe. Brigette first met Dustin in 1975 at Cannes Film Festival, where she was the only female photographer there and he approached her and asked her to photograph the filming of his next film (and her first film big photography job), ‘All The President’s Men’. This photo is from a photoshoot a few years later, in 1978, for Dustin’s first wife Anne’s ballet production called ‘Ballet on Broadway’.

(Source: randaroyce)